Plugins Mais Populares de WordPress

FraudLabs Pro for WooCommerce
(13 avaliações)

Fraud prevention plugin for WooCommerce to minimize payment fraud and avoid chargebacks. With the FraudLabs Pro Micro Plan, you can get 500 free fraud …

Stripe Payment forms for WordPress Plugin – WP Full Pay
(15 avaliações)

Use WP Full Pay to accept Stripe payments on your WordPress. Prebuilt forms to accept payments, donations and subscriptions.

Payment On Delivery for WooCommerce
(10 avaliações)

Receba em dinheiro, cheque, no cartão de crédito, débito, cartão alimentação (voucher) e MultiBanco no ato da entrega.

Bitcoin / AltCoin Payment Gateway for WooCommerce & Multivendor store / shop
(15 avaliações)

Accept Bitcoin / Altcoin payment from WooCommerce store or WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace without help of middle man! Receive payment instantly a …

Popup Builder
(18 avaliações)

The best Popup Builder plugin to display image, video, notify or announcement with very ease and elegant.

Pix para Woocommerce – OpenPix
(5 avaliações)

Receba pagamentos via Pix usando a OpenPix

Contact Form 7 CPF/CNPJ Validations
(5 avaliações)

Validações de CPF e/ou CNPJ para campos do plugin Contact Form 7

WooCommerce Vindi Pagamento
(7 avaliações)

O Vindi Pagamento é um facilitador de pagamento que oferece benefícios aos lojistas e aos compradores.

Order Splitter for WooCommerce
(67 avaliações)

A great plugin to split WooCommerce orders. You can duplicate orders as well.

IP Based Login
(20 avaliações)

IP Based Login allows you to directly login from an authorized IP without password.

WPSSO Schema Breadcrumbs Markup
(20 avaliações)

Schema BreadcrumbList markup in JSON-LD format for Google Rich Results.

(17 avaliações)

WordPress SEO plugin made in Germany. Optimal online communication and fast SEO. Many functions, import from other SEO plugins + csv.