Yoast SEO
(27.709 avaliações)

Melhore o SEO do seu site em WordPress: Escreva conteúdo melhor e tenha um site WordPress completamente otimizado usando o plugin Yoast SEO.

All in One SEO – Powerful SEO Plugin to Boost SEO Rankings & Increase Traffic
(4.216 avaliações)

AIOSEO is the most powerful WordPress SEO plugin. Improve SEO rankings and traffic with comprehensive SEO tools and smart AI SEO optimizations!

Rank Math SEO – Ferramentas de SEO com IA para dominar as classificações de SEO
(6.571 avaliações)

O Rank Math SEO é o melhor plugin de SEO para WordPress, com os recursos de muitas ferramentas de SEO e SEO com IA em um único pacote para ajudar a multiplicar seu tráfego de SEO.

SEOPress – On-site SEO
(1.024 avaliações)

SEOPress, a simple, fast and powerful all in one SEO plugin for WordPress. Rank higher in search engines, fully white label. Now with AI.

Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP
(236 avaliações)

Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP adds Google Rich Snippets markup according to guidelines to structure your site for SEO.

Slim SEO – Fast & Automated WordPress SEO Plugin
(79 avaliações)

A full-featured SEO plugin for WordPress that's lightweight, blazing fast with minimum configuration. No bloats and just works!

Schema App Structured Data
(34 avaliações)

Get structured data for all pages, posts, categories and profile pages on activation. Use Schema App to customize any Schema Markup.

WPSSO Core – The Complete Structured Data Plugin
(299 avaliações)

Present your content at its best for social sites and search results, no matter how URLs are shared, reshared, messaged, posted, embedded, or crawled.

Create by Mediavine
(17 avaliações)

Complete tool for creating and publishing recipes and other schema types on your site.

WPSSO Schema Breadcrumbs Markup
(20 avaliações)

Schema BreadcrumbList markup in JSON-LD format for Google Rich Results.

WPSSO Strip Schema Microdata
(14 avaliações)

Remove Schema Microdata and RDFa from the webpage for better Google Rich Results using Schema JSON-LD markup.