Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)
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O Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) ajuda você a personalizar facilmente o WordPress com campos poderosos, profissionais e intuitivos. Com orgulho em +2 mi de sites.

Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin
(146 avaliações)

Easily redirect pages/posts or custom post types to another page/post or external URL by specifying the redirect URL and type (301, 302, 307, meta).

WP Meta and Date Remover
(67 avaliações)

Remove meta author and date information from posts and pages. Hide from Humans and Search engines.SEO friendly and most advance plugin.

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This is a very simple SEO plugin. You can easily set and customize meta tags and OGP tags for each page.

Advanced Custom Fields: Extended
(125 avaliações)

All-in-one enhancement suite that improves WordPress & Advanced Custom Fields.

(97 avaliações)

WP Meta SEO gives you the control over all your SEO optimization. Bulk SEO content and image SEO, on page content check, 404 and redirect