Customizer Export/Import
(105 avaliações)

Easily export or import your WordPress customizer settings!

Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce
(322 avaliações)

Exporte pedidos do WooCommerce com facilidade (suporte a Excel, CSV, TSV, XML, JSON)

Export any WordPress data to XML/CSV
(383 avaliações)

Easily export any data from WordPress. Drag & drop to create a completely custom spreadsheet, CSV, or XML file.

Import and export users and customers
(231 avaliações)

Import and export users and customers including user meta, roles, and other. Compatible with many plugins. Do it from the front end or using cron.

Order Export & Order Import for WooCommerce
(280 avaliações)

The best order export import plugin for WooCommerce. Easily import and export WooCommerce orders and WooCommerce coupons using CSV.

YML for Yandex Market
(70 avaliações)

Creates a YML-feed to upload to Yandex Market and not only.

(41 avaliações)

Export your WooCommerce orders to MyParcel (www.myparcel.nl) or to Flespakket (www.flespakket.nl) and print labels directly from the WooCommerce admin

WPS Menu Exporter
(43 avaliações)

WPS Menu Exporter lets you export only your WordPress menus via the WordPress Export page.

Photo Engine (organizador de mídia e Lightroom)
(200 avaliações)

Organize suas fotos em pastas e coleções. Sincronize com o Lightroom. Torne sua vida mais fácil! :)

PostNL for WooCommerce
(23 avaliações)

The official PostNL for WooCommerce plugin allows you to automate your e-commerce order process. Covering shipping services from PostNL Netherlands an …

WooCommerce Etsy Integration
(38 avaliações)

Sync your WooCommerce products, orders, and inventory effortlessly with Etsy.com. List your products on Etsy and sync orders and stock levels.

Platy Syncer Woocommerce to Etsy
(18 avaliações)

Sync Products, Inventory, and Orders between Woocommerce and Etsy.