Admin Menu Editor
(291 avaliações)

Lets you edit the WordPress admin menu. You can re-order, hide or rename menus, add custom menus and more.

(252 avaliações)

Adminimize that lets you hide 'unnecessary' items from the WordPress backend

White Label CMS
(111 avaliações)

Customise dashboard panels and branding, hide menus plus lots more.

(46 avaliações)

Visitor statistics for WordPress with focus on data protection, transparency and clarity. Perfect as a widget in your WordPress Dashboard.

Ultimate Dashboard – Custom WordPress Dashboard
(91 avaliações)

The #1 Plugin to Customize the WordPress Dashboard!

Download Plugins and Themes in ZIP from Dashboard
(25 avaliações)

Download installed plugins and themes in ZIP files directly from your WordPress admin dashboard, download any or all plugins & themes without FTP …