Plugins Mais Populares de WordPress

SMTP Mailer
(56 avaliações)

Configure a SMTP server to send email from your WordPress site. Configure the wp_mail() function to use SMTP instead of the PHP mail() function.

Exclusive Addons for Elementor
(45 avaliações)

Exclusive Addons is one of the Best Elementor Addons With 90+ Elementor Free & Pro Widgets with all the customizations options you ever imagined.

Retirar Category da URL
(57 avaliações)

Esse plugin retira o '/category' dos seus links permanentes. (e.g. `/category/minha-categoria/` para `/minha-categoria//`)

Advanced iFrame
(51 avaliações)

Include content the way YOU like in an iframe that can hide and modify elements, does auto height, forward parameters and does many, many more...

MouseWheel Smooth Scroll
(37 avaliações)

Smooth scrolling experience, with mousewheel, touchpad or keyboard

WPC Smart Compare for WooCommerce
(39 avaliações)

It helps customers compare products with mighty AJAX, doesn't require opening a new page or iframe, and allows drag-and-drop functionality.

WPC Smart Quick View for WooCommerce
(27 avaliações)

WPC Smart Quick View allows users to get a quick look of products without opening the product page.

Hide Title
(87 avaliações)

Allows authors to hide the title on single pages and posts via the edit post screen.

Revision Control
(36 avaliações)

Revision Control allows finer control over the Post Revision system included with WordPress

ActiveCampaign – Forms, Site Tracking, Live Chat
(28 avaliações)

Add ActiveCampaign contact forms and live chat to any post, page, or sidebar. Also enable ActiveCampaign site tracking for your WordPress blog.

Re-add text underline and justify
(24 avaliações)

This tiny plugin re-adds the Editor text underline & text justify buttons in the WYSIWYG removed in WordPress 4.7. It works well with the Classic …

Scheduled Post Trigger
(27 avaliações)

Checks to see if any scheduled posts have been missed. If so, it publishes them. NOTE: This plugin is meant as a stop-gap until you and your web host …