Plugins Mais Populares de WordPress

BigBuy Dropshipping Connector for WooCommerce
(24 avaliações)

BigBuy\'s official plugin. Synchronise your ecommerce with the BigBuy product catalogue and gain access to thousands of products with European st …

Order Splitter for WooCommerce
(66 avaliações)

A great plugin to split WooCommerce orders. You can duplicate orders as well.

WP Gravity Forms Zoho CRM and Bigin
(23 avaliações)

Easily create or update lead, contact or any other object in Zoho crm/bigin when an entry is created in Gravity Forms. Learn more at

Wbcom Designs – Private Community for BuddyPress
(23 avaliações)

BuddyPress Private Community allows the site owner to lock the different BuddyPress components on the site for non-logged-in users.

IP Based Login
(20 avaliações)

IP Based Login allows you to directly login from an authorized IP without password.

Instantio – WooCommerce Quick Checkout | Instant Checkout, Side Cart & Popup Cart
(14 avaliações)

Checkout Instantly within 10-15 seconds using Side Cart, Popup Cart, Slide Checkout, Popup Checkout and 4 more WooCommerce Quick Checkout system.

Quiz | Survey | Exam | Questionnaire | Feedback – Best Survey Plugin for WordPress
(14 avaliações)

Create satisfaction survey, engaging quiz, gather feedback and run exam with the best WordPress survey and quiz plugin.

(12 avaliações)

GlotPress is a WordPress plugin to let you set up your own collaborative, web-based software translation tool.

Rental and Booking Manager for Bike, Car, Dress, Resort with WooCommerce Integration – WpRently | WordPress plugin
(11 avaliações)

Woocommerce Rental and Booking Manager for Bike, Car, Resort, Appointment and Equipment. Simplify your reservation system for a memorable journey!

Custom Cart Link for WooCommerce
(9 avaliações)

Crie, personalise e partilhe links diretos do carrinho de compras que com apenas um clique vão preencher o carrinho do cliente com os produtos selecionados.

Firebase Authentication
(15 avaliações)

This plugin allows login into WordPress using Firebase user credentials and maps Firebase user data to WordPress user profile.

WooCommerce iugu
(11 avaliações)

Receba pagamentos por cartão de crédito, boleto bancário e pix na sua loja WooCommerce com a iugu.