Plugins Mais Populares de WordPress

Show Variations On Shop & Category WooCommerce
(16 avaliações)

Mostre variações como produtos individuais na loja e nas categorias do WooCommerce para que clientes possam comprar produtos rapidamente. Mostre variações individualmente no WooCommerce…

Toggle Content
(6 avaliações)

Bloco Toggle Content para Gutenberg para alternar conteúdos ou blocos com um comutador bonito.

WP CleanFix
(27 avaliações)

The all in one tool for check, repair, fix and optimize your WordPress blog.

OXY Re-Login Window
(2 avaliações)

Janela de acesso para o Oxygen Builder.

Estimated delivery date per product for WooCommerce | shipping date per product for WooCommerce
(80 avaliações)

Get Estimated shipping date / estimated shipping days / estimated delivery days per product for WooCommerce per product / Estimated delivery for WooCo …

WP Gravity Forms Keap/Infusionsoft
(38 avaliações)

Gravity Forms Keap/infusionsoft Add-on sends Gravity Forms entries to infusionsoft/Keap CRM.

Checkout Mestres do WP for WooCommerce
(82 avaliações)

Transform the Shopping Experience with Ease and Efficiency on your WooCommerce Site

Syncee – Global Dropshipping
(37 avaliações)

Find dropshipping products from trusted US/CA/EU/AU suppliers, upload them to your WooCommerce store easily, and automate your order processes.

Featured Image Plus
(30 avaliações)

Optimize your WordPress workflow with featured images on Posts and Pages with Featured Image Plus the bulk and quick edit actions.

Wikipedia Preview
(29 avaliações)

Wikipedia Preview lets you show a popup card with a short summary from Wikipedia when a reader clicks or hovers over a link.

AIO Forms – Your #1 companion for those difficult forms
(21 avaliações)

The best form builder for complex forms in the 2024. Tons of premium features in the free version and the full version has a perpetual license!

WPSSO Schema Breadcrumbs Markup
(20 avaliações)

Schema BreadcrumbList markup in JSON-LD format for Google Rich Results.