Easy Appointments
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Add Booking system to your WordPress site and manage Appointments with ease. Extremely flexible time management and custom email notifications.

BookingPress – Appointment Booking Calendar Plugin and Online Scheduling Plugin
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Book appointments, create booking, and pay online with BookingPress. Easily create appointments, manage time, and send out customized emails

Hotel Booking Lite
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The #1 Hotel Booking and Vacation Rental Plugin for WordPress. Online payments, seasons, rates, free or paid extras, coupons, taxes & fees.

Booking Package
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Booking Package is the simplest solution for integrating an online appointment booking calendar system and event calendar into your WordPress website.

Booking Activities
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Reservation system specialized in activities: sports, leisure, courses, events, tourism, and more! Works great with WooCommerce.

Rental and Booking Manager for Bike, Car, Dress, Resort with WooCommerce Integration – WpRently | WordPress plugin
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Woocommerce Rental and Booking Manager for Bike, Car, Resort, Appointment and Equipment. Simplify your reservation system for a memorable journey!