ReCaptcha v2 for Contact Form 7
(88 avaliações)

Adds reCaptcha v2 from Contact Form 7 5.0.5 that was dropped on Contact Form 7 5.1

reCaptcha by BestWebSoft
(385 avaliações)

Protect WordPress website forms from spam entries with Google reCAPTCHA.

Advanced Google reCAPTCHA
(409 avaliações)

Captcha protection against spam comments & brute force login attacks using Google reCAPTCHA.

Contact Form 7 Captcha
(39 avaliações)

Add reCAPTCHA V2 or hCAPTCHA to Contact Form 7

CAPTCHA 4WP – Antispam CAPTCHA solution for WordPress
(258 avaliações)

Use CAPTCHA to stop spam and allow customers & users to interact with your website easily. Block fake accounts and orders. Avoid false positives.

Login No Captcha reCAPTCHA
(59 avaliações)

Adds a Google No Captcha ReCaptcha checkbox to your Wordpress and Woocommerce login, forgot password, and user registration pages.

hCaptcha for WordPress
(47 avaliações)

Enables hCaptcha integration with WordPress and popular plugins.

Login Security Captcha
(18 avaliações)

Secure WordPress login, registration, and comment form with Google reCAPTCHA or Cloudflare Turnstile. Prevent Brute-force attacks and more.

Friendly Captcha for WordPress
(16 avaliações)

Friendly Captcha is a privacy-first anti-bot solution that protects WordPress website forms from spam and abuse.

Anti-spam, Spam protection, ReCaptcha for all forms and GDPR-compliant
(27 avaliações)

Anti-spam - CAPTCHA that protects all forms against spam and brute-force. Invisible and GDPR-compliant.