WP-Optimize – Cache, Compress images, Minify & Clean database to boost page speed & performance
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Get caching and more with this powerful cache plugin. Cache, optimize images, clean your database and minify for maximum performance.

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Autoptimize acelera seu siste ao otimizar JS, CSS, imagens (incluindo carregamento tardio), HTML e fontes do Google, deixando JS assíncronos, removendo os emojis e mais.

SpeedyCache – Cache, Optimization, Performance
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SpeedyCache is a WordPress cache plugin that helps you improve performace of your WordPress site by caching, minifying, and compressing your website.

Clearfy Cache – WordPress optimization plugin, Minify HTML, CSS & JS, Defer
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Optimize and tweak WordPress by disable unused features. Improve performance, SEO and security using Clearfy — super easy, fast and zero code.