UpdraftPlus: WordPress Backup & Migration Plugin
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Backup, restoration and migration - world's most popular backup tool. Backup to the cloud - schedule backups or backup manually.

Duplicator – Migration & Backup Plugin
(4.457 avaliações)

Com o Duplicator a migração e os backups dos seus sites com WordPress são muito mais fáceis! Você pode clonar, fazer backups, mover e transferir facilmente um site inteiro de um local para outro.

WordPress Migrate & Clone Free : Migrate Guru
(1.330 avaliações)

Effortlessly migrate, clone, or transfer your WordPress site to over 5,000 web hosts with Migrate Guru, trusted by Cloudways, Pantheon, and Dreamhost.

WP STAGING WordPress Backup Plugin – Migration Backup Restore
(2.277 avaliações)

Backup Restore Migrate Staging Duplicator - 100% unit tested.

SiteGround Migrator
(356 avaliações)

Transfer your WordPress website to SiteGround without any hassle in a completely automated way using SiteGround Migrator.

(340 avaliações)

100% FREE clone and migration

Backup Migration
(1.006 avaliações)

Backup Migration

FG Drupal to WordPress
(101 avaliações)

A plugin to migrate articles, stories, pages, categories, tags, images from Drupal to WordPress