Limit Login Attempts Reloaded (Limite de tentativas de acesso recarregadas)
(1.248 avaliações)

Block excessive login attempts and protect your site against brute force attacks. Simple, yet powerful tools to improve site performance.

(968 avaliações)

Loginizer is a WordPress security plugin which helps you fight against bruteforce attacks.

Limit Login Attempts
(201 avaliações)

Limit rate of login attempts, including by way of cookies, for each IP. Fully customizable.

Password Protected – Ultimate Plugin to Protect WordPress Site, Pages & WooCommerce Store
(112 avaliações)

Protect your WordPress site, pages, posts, WooCommerce products, and categories with single or multiple passwords.

LoginPress | wp-login Custom Login Page Customizer
(969 avaliações)

LoginPress is a Custom Login Page Customizer plugin allows you to easily customize the layout of login, admin login, client login, register pages.

LoginWP (Formerly Peter's Login Redirect)
(416 avaliações)

Redirect users to different locations after they log in, log out and register based on different conditions.

Login Lockdown – Protect Login Form
(59 avaliações)

Protect, lockdown & secure login form by limiting login attempts from the same IP & banning IPs.

Custom Login Page Customizer
(367 avaliações)

Custom Login Customizer allows you to easily customize your admin login page, straight from your WordPress Customizer!

Login No Captcha reCAPTCHA
(59 avaliações)

Adds a Google No Captcha ReCaptcha checkbox to your Wordpress and Woocommerce login, forgot password, and user registration pages.

Change WP Admin Login
(29 avaliações)

Change WP Admin Login is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that allows you to safely change your WordPress website's admin login URL to anything yo …

Theme My Login
(457 avaliações)

The ultimate login branding solution! Theme My Login offers matchless customization of your WordPress user experience!

Custom Login Page Customizer by Colorlib
(434 avaliações)

Colorlib Login Customizer by Colorlib is a plugin that helps you personalize your login form directly from the Customizer.