AddToAny Share Buttons
(1.086 avaliações)

Share buttons for WordPress including the AddToAny button, Facebook, Mastodon, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Reddit, Threads, many more, and follow icons too.

Menu Icons by ThemeIsle
(812 avaliações)

Adicione um tempero a mais nos seus menus com belos ícones, facilmente.

Social Icons Widget & Block por WPZOOM
(143 avaliações)

Quickly add icons with links to your profiles from different social networks and sites! Social Ícones Widget & Block includes more than 400 icons

Menu Image, Icons made easy
(121 avaliações)

Adds an image or icon in the menu items. You can choose the position of the image (after, before, above, below) or even hide the menu item title.

Better Font Awesome
(84 avaliações)

The Better Font Awesome plugin for WordPress. Shortcodes, HTML, TinyMCE, various Font Awesome versions, backwards compatibility, CDN speeds, and more.

Skyboot Custom Icons for Elementor – Elementor Icons library – 14000+ Icons
(17 avaliações)

Skyboot custom icons for Elementor is a fantastic custom Elementor icons plugin for the Elementor page builder. If you're looking to add custom i …