Simple Custom CSS and JS
(87 avaliações)

Easily add Custom CSS or JS to your website with an awesome editor.

SiteOrigin CSS
(148 avaliações)

SiteOrigin CSS is the simple yet powerful CSS editor for WordPress. It gives you visual controls that let you edit the look and feel of your site in r …

Simple Custom CSS Plugin
(154 avaliações)

Add Custom CSS to your WordPress site without any hassles.

Widget CSS Classes
(74 avaliações)

Add custom classes and ids plus first, last, even, odd, and numbered classes to your widgets.

Simple CSS
(59 avaliações)

Add CSS to your website through an admin editor, the Customizer or a metabox for page/post specific CSS.

WP Add Custom CSS
(85 avaliações)

Add custom css to the whole website and to specific posts and pages.

FluentSnippets – The High-Performance file based Custom Code Snippets Plugin
(24 avaliações)

Add header and footer scripts, PHP Snippets, Custom CSS /JS snippets with advanced conditional logic, and more...

Blocks CSS: CSS Editor for Gutenberg Blocks
(21 avaliações)

Blocks CSS allows you add custom CSS to your Blocks straight from the Block Editor (Gutenberg).