Yoast Duplicate Post
(506 avaliações)

The go-to tool for cloning posts and pages, including the powerful Rewrite & Republish feature.

Migration, Backup, Staging – WPvivid
(957 avaliações)

Migrate, staging, backup WordPress, all in one.

WP Migrate Lite – WordPress Migration Made Easy
(297 avaliações)

Migrate your database. Export full sites including media, themes, and plugins. Find and replace content with support for serialized data.

Migrate Guru: Migrate & Clone WordPress Free
(1.284 avaliações)

Migrate, Clone or Move your WordPress site to 5000+ web hosts with Migrate Guru. Proud Migration Partners for WP Engine, Pantheon, FlyWheel, etc.

Duplicate Menu
(95 avaliações)

Easily duplicate your WordPress menus with one click.

(340 avaliações)

100% FREE clone and migration

Page and Post Clone
(12 avaliações)

Page and Post Clone plugin creates a clone of a page or post with the same content as the original.

NS Cloner – Site Copier
(267 avaliações)

The NS Cloner saves multisite admins and developers TONS of time by cloning existing sites in a multisite network to a completely new site in a few se …

Everest Backup – WordPress Cloud Backup, Migration, Restore & Cloning Plugin
(39 avaliações)

Everest Backup is a modern tool that will take care of your website's backups, restoration, migration, and cloning.

WordPress Migration Plugin – Transferito
(16 avaliações)

The easiest 1-Click WordPress Migration plugin that will migrate, clone, transfer and move your WordPress site to any host in seconds.