Google Listings & Ads
(180 avaliações)

Native integration with Google that allows merchants to easily display their products across Google’s network.

Head, Footer and Post Injections
(723 avaliações)

Header and Footer plugin let you to add html code to the head and footer sections of your blog page, inside posts... and more!

Ad Inserter – Ad Manager & AdSense Ads
(2.293 avaliações)

Manage Google AdSense,, Amazon banners, ads.txt, ad rotation, sticky widgets, AMP ads, DFP, tracking, AdSense header and footer code

Advanced Ads – Gerenciador de Anúncios e AdSense
(1.408 avaliações)

Manage and optimize all tipos de anúncio. Support for Google AdSense Auto ads, Amazon, image banners, HTML, page builder, ad widget, ad rotations, ads.txt

Fixed Widget and Sticky Elements for WordPress
(260 avaliações)

More attention and a higher ad performance with fixed sticky widgets.

Ads.txt Manager
(13 avaliações)

Create, manage, and validate your ads.txt and app-ads.txt from within WordPress, like any other content asset.

AdRotate Banner Manager – The only ad manager you'll need
(645 avaliações)

Advertising made easy. Manage all your ads including Google Ads, Amazon banners and many more from your dashboard.

(48 avaliações)

Ezoic plugin provides a simple and intuitive way to integrate and connect with the entire Ezoic technology platform.

CM Popup Plugin for WordPress – Popup Maker
(12 avaliações)

Elevate the user experience of your WordPress site with responsive and user-friendly popup campaigns

The Moneytizer
(40 avaliações)

Monetize your website thanks to advertising. The « all in one » solution to make you earn money thanks to a wide range of ad formats.

Rock Convert
(20 avaliações)

Publique banners no seu blog de maneira rápida e efetiva, e converta visitantes em subscribers, leads ou clientes sem precisar entender código.

AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin
(36 avaliações)

Advertising is easy with AdPlugg. The AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin and ad server allow you to easily manage, schedule, rotate and track your ads.