Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)
(1.217 avaliações)

O Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) ajuda você a personalizar facilmente o WordPress com campos poderosos, profissionais e intuitivos. Com orgulho em +2 mi de sites.

ACF Content Analysis for Yoast SEO
(35 avaliações)

WordPress plugin that adds the content of all ACF fields to the Yoast SEO score analysis.

Advanced Custom Fields: Font Awesome Field
(35 avaliações)

Adds a new 'Font Awesome Icon' field to the popular Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

Advanced Custom Fields: Extended
(125 avaliações)

All-in-one enhancement suite that improves WordPress & Advanced Custom Fields.

ACF Photo Gallery Field
(28 avaliações)

A lightweight extension of Advanced Custom Field (ACF) that adds Photo Gallery field to any post/pages on your WordPress website.

(34 avaliações)

Exponha os campos do ACF nos endpoints da REST API do WordPress

Advanced Custom Fields: Gravity Forms Add-on
(13 avaliações)

Provides an Advanced Custom Field which allows a WordPress user to select a Gravity Form as part of a field group configuration.

Frontend Admin by DynamiApps
(128 avaliações)

This awesome plugin allows you to easily display frontend forms on your site so your clients can easily edit content by themselves from the frontend.

Meta Field Block
(41 avaliações)

Display a custom field as a block on the front end. It supports custom fields for posts, terms, and users. It supports ACF fields explicitly.