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Hospedagem WordPress com plugin NitroPack – Cache & Speed Optimization for Core Web Vitals, Defer CSS & JavaScript, Lazy load Images

Onde devo hospedar o plugin NitroPack – Cache & Speed Optimization for Core Web Vitals, Defer CSS & JavaScript, Lazy load Images?

Este plugin pode ser hospedado em qualquer provedor que possua WordPress instalado. Recomendamos fortemente escolher uma empresa de hospedagem de confiança, com servidores otimizados para WordPress, como o serviço de hospedagem de sites da MCO2.

Hospedando o plugin NitroPack – Cache & Speed Optimization for Core Web Vitals, Defer CSS & JavaScript, Lazy load Images em um provedor seguro

A MCO2, além de instalar o WordPress na versão mais atualizada para seus clientes, oferece o WP SafePress, um sistema exclusivo que assegura e otimiza seu site simultaneamente.

Por que a Hospedagem WordPress funciona melhor na MCO2?

A Hospedagem WordPress funciona melhor pois a MCO2 possui servidores otimizados para WordPress. A instalação de WordPress é diferente de uma instalação trivial, pois habilita imediatamente recursos como otimização de imagens, proteção da página de login, bloqueio de atividades maliciosas diretamente no firewall, cache avançado e HTTPS ativado por padrão. São plugins que potencializam seu WordPress para a máxima segurança e o máximo desempenho.

Speed up your WordPress site, achieve a 90+ Performance score on PageSpeed Insights, and pass your Core Web Vitals with NitroPack.

Boost your website’s speed effortlessly with NitroPack, the ultimate solution trusted by hundreds of thousands worldwide to climb Google rankings, boost conversions, and expand businesses. NitroPack stands above traditional caching with its cloud-based infrastructure and advanced optimizations, delivering top scores on Core Web Vitals and Lighthouse tests. This ensures a seamlessly fast experience for your visitors.

Experience unmatched performance with features like cutting-edge caching, full image optimization, code refinement, an integrated global CDN, and lazy loading. NitroPack is your all-in-one tool for a lightning-fast website that captivates visitors and drives conversions.

Why choose NitroPack?

  • Instant Performance Boost Without Coding:
    NitroPack delivers a significant speed boost to your website instantly, eliminating the need for complex coding or technical expertise. Enjoy faster load times and improved PageSpeed scores effortlessly.

  • Automated Optimization for Core Web Vitals:
    NitroPack automates the optimization of Core Web Vitals, ensuring your website consistently meets and exceeds the performance metrics that impact user experience and search engine rankings. Learn more about how we can help you boost your Core Web Vitals scores with our latest webinars with Google.

  • Optimizations with Zero Impact on Your Hosting’s CPU and RAM:
    NitroPack handles all resource-intensive optimizations, including caching and image and file optimizations, on its servers. This preserves your hosting resources, allowing your website’s speed to improve seamlessly without imposing any strain on your server’s CPU or RAM. This guarantees efficient and uninterrupted performance enhancement.

    An additional customer-centric approach safeguards your site’s performance by working on copies of your files, meaning your original content stays unchanged. With NitroPack, you can innovate confidently, knowing your website’s integrity is protected while you optimize for speed and efficiency.

Speed up your site with NitroPack

Let’s delve into what makes NitroPack the ultimate cache and speed optimizer for your site:


Thanks to its advanced features and smart caching system, NitroPack guarantees that your website stays fast and stable, even when lots of people visit at the same time.

  • Automatic Cache Warmup: NitroPack proactively caches the pages of your website before your users interact with it, ensuring that every visitor is served with a fast version of your site.
  • Smart invalidation: This process ensures that the cached content remains up-to-date without unnecessarily clearing and rebuilding the entire cache by tracking the changes made on the site and then invalidating the cache related to these changes.
  • Device and Cookie-Aware Caching: Customize cache strategies based on user devices and cookies, ensuring a tailored and efficient user experience.
  • Browser Cache: Leverage the built-in browser cache for lightning-fast content delivery, reducing load times for returning visitors.


The powerful optimization set of NitroPack allows you to concatenate your code structure: you can minify, compress, and merge your HTML, CSS, and JS files – all with just a click of a button.

  • Advanced Resource Loader: Significantly speeds up your website by intelligently managing how resources are loaded, ensuring a faster, more responsive user experience without the need for technical intervention
  • Critical CSS Optimization: Prioritize above-the-fold CSS for rapid page rendering, making your site appear faster to users.
  • Deferred Loading: Optimize JavaScript loading for improved page responsiveness, ensuring a smooth and interactive user experience.
  • CSS and JavaScript Combining: Combine CSS and JavaScript files for improved loading efficiency, reducing HTTP requests and enhancing overall site speed.
  • JS Minification and Compression: Minify and compress JS files for enhanced performance, ensuring your scripts run efficiently.
  • HTML Compression: Compress HTML files for faster loading times, ensuring a swift and smooth user journey.
  • DNS Preconnects: Accelerate resource fetching with DNS preconnects, reducing the time it takes to fetch external resources.


Say goodbye to the frustration of manual adjustments and handling multiple tools to optimize your images. With NitroPack, your image file sizes shrink by up to 7x while preserving their quality, allowing your content to be served at lightning speed.

  • Automatic Image Optimization: Dynamically resizes images, converts them to the efficient WebP format, and applies the best compression technique—either lossy or lossless—to reduce file sizes without sacrificing quality, ensuring your images load quickly and efficiently.
  • Adaptive Image Sizing: Optimizes images to perfectly fit their display containers across devices, ensuring they load quickly while still maintaining crisp, high resolution for an enhanced user experience
  • Advanced Lazy loading: Improve page loading time by loading offscreen images and videos only when they are required. NitroPack can lazy load images, GIFs, locally hosted videos and videos on YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia.


Improve your site’s speed by optimizing all your fonts. No matter the web font you’re using, NitroPack allows you to defer the font loading and reduce the file size by over 60% by removing unused font symbols (glyphs). Keep your site looking unique without compromising speed and performance.

  • Font Subsetting: Subset fonts to use only necessary characters, reducing page load times without sacrificing typography.
  • Font Loading Control: Deferred loading of fonts and CSS compression for enhanced performance, ensuring fonts load precisely when needed.
  • Font Compression: Reduce font size by up to 50% by converting your fonts to modern formats like WOFF2.
  • Optimization of Google-hosted fonts: Benefit from all font optimizations and pagespeed improvements by hosting your Google fonts on our CDN.


NitroPack offers a built-in Cloudflare CDN as part of its offering. With hundreds of servers distributed across 120+ countries, your site and resources are delivered quickly to all visitors, no matter their location.

  • Ultra-Fast Content Delivery (CDN): Benefit from a top-tier global CDN, ensuring both static and dynamic content are delivered at lightning speed, regardless of your user’s location. With hundreds of servers stationed across 100+ countries, your site and resources are delivered quickly to all visitors, no matter their location.
  • Compression Excellence: GZIP and Brotli Compression ensure optimal data transfer efficiency, making sure your content reaches your audience fast.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Stay ahead with HTTP/3 Compatibility, embracing the latest advancements in web protocols for unparalleled performance.

To view a complete list of NitroPack’s features, visit the feature page.

☎️ 24/7 SUPPORT:

All NitroPack customers get access to expert support and an extensive knowledge base for help with general and technical site speed issues. Our support is available round the clock.


Your safety is our priority. NitroPack is SOC2 Type 2 compliant and ISO 27001 certified, internationally recognized standards for managing information security. We have a devoted team of security specialists working round-the-clock to uphold the highest level of security and compliance. By implementing industry-leading practices, we ensure your data remains secure and your peace of mind intact, 24/7.


NitroPack integrates seamlessly with the most popular WordPress plugins and themes to provide a smooth user experience:


  • WooCommerce
  • Elementor
  • Divi Builder
  • Yoast SEO
  • Squirrly SEO
  • All in One SEO Pack
  • Rank Math SEO
  • Contact Form 7
  • WPML
  • Cloudflare
  • WPForms
  • Gravity Forms
  • WPBakery
  • Beaver Builder
  • Fusion Page Builder
  • Thrive Architect
  • HubSpot
  • All-in-one WP Migration
  • OptinMonster
  • Drift Chat
  • LiveChat
  • Chat
  • ShortPixel
  • GeoTargeting WP
  • Mediavine
  • MainWP
  • And more


  • Astra
  • OceanWP
  • Neve
  • GeneratePress
  • Avada
  • BeTheme
  • Divi
  • X
  • Enfold
  • Sena
  • Jupiter
  • Thrive
  • Davenport
  • And more


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Combine PSI and CWV

Combine PSI and CWV

Advanced caching

Advanced caching

Complete Image optimization stack

Complete Image optimization stack

Lean code = fast site

Lean code = fast site

The only solution you will ever need

The only solution you will ever need

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