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Onde hospedar o plugin ElementsKit Elementor addons?

Este plugin pode ser hospedado em qualquer hospedagem que possua WordPress configurado. Recomendamos fortemente optar por um provedor de hospedagem de confiança, com servidores adaptados para WordPress, como o serviço de hospedagem de sites da MCO2.

Hospedando o plugin ElementsKit Elementor addons em um provedor seguro

A MCO2, além de configurar e instalar o WordPress na versão mais atualizada para seus clientes, oferece o WP SafePress, um mecanismo singular que salvaguarda e aumenta a performance do seu site ao mesmo tempo.

Por que a Hospedagem WordPress funciona melhor na MCO2?

A Hospedagem WordPress funciona melhor pois a MCO2 possui servidores otimizados para WordPress. A instalação de WordPress é diferente de uma instalação trivial, pois habilita imediatamente recursos como otimização automática de imagens e fotos, proteção da página de login, bloqueio de atividades suspeitas diretamente no firewall, cache avançado e HTTPS ativado por padrão. São plugins que potencializam seu WordPress para a máxima segurança e o máximo desempenho.

ElementsKit Elementor addons is an ultimate and all-in-one addons for Elementor Page Builder. It includes the most comprehensive modules, 90+ custom Elementor widgets to create any site with ease.
Besides Exclusive features ElementsKit Elementor addon has unique and powerful custom controls, such as Image Picker, Ajax Select2, Advanced Widgets, and many more.

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🔥 All time downloads of ELementsKit : 20,199,390 (20 million all time downloads).
– 90+ Free and Premium Widgets
– 18+ Exclusive Modules
– 45+ Pre-designed Header & Footer Templates
– 98+ Ready Pages
– 791+ Ready Sections
– WooCommerce Widgets
– Cross-Browser Compatible
– Fully Responsive
– Expert Support Team
– Build with Elementor

Layoutkit Elementor Template library

ElementsKit page builder addons offers over 28+ ready-made template pages.

791+ Readymade Section

ElementsKit comes with 791+ readymade section blocks.

Modular based and Lightweight

ElementsKit is a Modular-based plugin, it is built with optimization in mind.

Completely Customizable

Every widget has huge customizable options to control anything according to your needs.


Our 50+ widget pack is the best in town.

1. Heading

Heading – Design headings with multiple fancy, and custom styles.

2. Button

Button – Add amazing buttons with text, color, CTA, etc.

3. Team

Team – Customize the team section with members’ names, positions, bios, etc.

4. Accordion

Accordion – Display your texts in a foldable and concise way.

5. Tab

Tab – Show your texts divided into horizontal or vertical tabs with titles.

6. Social Icons

Social Icons – Displaying your social media icons is super easy now.

7. Blog Posts

Blog Posts – Display your blog posts more intelligently.

8. Client Logo

Client Logo – Showcase your client and sponsor logos with different styles.

9. Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer – It comes with lots of effects, styles, and formats.

10. FAQ

FAQ – Present all Q&As with different designs and unique styles.

11. Funfact

Funfact -Show the statistics, achievements, and fun facts.

12. Icon Box

Icon Box – Write short brief about your services or products within boxes.

13.Image Accordion

Image Accordion – Display multiple images in a shortened format easily.

14. Image Box

Image BoxWidget – Combine images with headlines, texts, and call-to-action buttons.

15. Pie Chart

Pie Chart – Create and style data pie charts on your web page within a short time.

16. Pricing Table

Pricing Table – Describe your clear product/service value beautifully.

17. Progress Bar

Progress Bar – Visualize your project’s progress with the widget simply.

18. Testimonial

Testimonial – Show your clients feedback, and recommendations on your sites.

19. MailChimp

MailChimp – Create and manage a mailing list, automated mailing, newsletter, etc.

20. Header Info

Header Info – Customize header info with logos, texts, business info, etc.

21. Image Comparison

Image Comparison – Design and compare two images.

22. Call To Action

Call To Action – Bring an image, content, and other features under one box.

23. Video

Video – Add playable videos to your page and style them nicely.

24. Post Tab

Post Tab – Show your blogs, popular and recent posts in tabs as per the category.

25. Category List

Category List – Organize and customize every section of each category in a list.

26. Post List

Post List – Present your posts in a well-formatted list.

27. Page List

Page List – Arrange and customize your list of pages in a horizontal or vertical layout.

28. Header Offcanvas

Header Offcanvas – Display sidebar content when a specific button is triggered

29. Drop Caps

Drop Caps – Design the content’s first letter in a stylish, large, and capitalized format.

30. ElementsKit Nav Menu

ElementsKit Nav Menu – Navigate different pages, create a drop-down nav menu, adjust menu settings.

31. Dual Button

Dual Button – You can display two buttons side by side with the dual button widget.

32. Business Hours

Business Hours – Inform your opening hours to users clearly and attractively.

33. Social Share

Social Share – Share your content on your social media accounts easily.

34. Caldera Forms

Caldera Forms – It comes up with different types of form styles.

35. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 – Make form container, and fields with your preferred form layout.

36. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms – Create contact forms with different types and styles.

37. WP Forms

WP Forms – Helps you to build a contact form, suggestion form, newsletter, etc.

38. weForms

weForms – Make forms with different colors, fields, and many customization facilities.

39. Header Search

Header Search – Customize the search box positioned at the header nicely.

40. Lottie

Lottie – Export a JSON file or provide a URL to use amazing animations.

41. Post Grid

Post Grid – Decorate your content, image, post, etc. in a group with different styles.

42. TablePress

TablePress – It allows you to create and style nice responsive data tables.

43. Fluent Forms

Fluent Forms – A perfect choice, if you use Fluent Forms.

44. Back to Top

Back to Top – Add and customize the back-to-top button on your website easily.

Most Functional & Free modules

Exclusive PRO Elementor Addons widgets

1. Gallery

Gallery (PRO) – Showcase your recent photos, company environment, events, etc.

2. Advanced Accordion

Advanced Accordion (PRO) – Helps to arrange image, social feed, progress bar, or MailChimp subscription form, etc. within the accordion in a nested format.

3. Advanced Tab

Advanced Tab (PRO) – Style the tabs and display various nested elements.

4. Timeline

Timeline (PRO) – Create your timeline chart, design and showcase it.

5. Chart

Chart (PRO) – Show a graphical representation of data and create charts.

6. Data Table

Data Table (PRO) – The table widget will let you create data tables with advanced styling options and features.

7. Creative Button Widget(PRO)

Creative Button Widget(PRO) – Customize buttons with hover effects, content, borders, shadows, and more.

8. Motion Text

Motion Text (PRO) – It helps you to display your text with various motion animations, with styles.

9. Instagram Feed Widget(PRO)

Instagram Feed Widget(PRO) – You can display Instagram feed directly from your account in different ways.

10. Facebook Feed Widget(PRO)

Facebook Feed Widget(PRO) – Showcase updates from your Facebook account and change every section as you wish.

11. Twitter Feed Widget(PRO)

Twitter Feed Widget(PRO) – Display tweets automatically on your websites and customize the styles.

12. WooCommerce Product List

WooCommerce Product List (PRO) – Display and design your eCommerce product list easily.

13. Woocommerce Product Carousel

WooCommerce Product Carousel (PRO) – Our WooCommerce product carousel widget comes up with lots of advanced features and customization options.

14. WooCommerce Category List

WooCommerce Category List (PRO) – Our WooCommerce category list widget offers an advanced and easy way to display Woo-Categories anywhere on the website.

15. WooCommerce Mini Cart

WooCommerce Mini Cart (PRO) We have designed our mini cart with many customizable options in the cart button, body, header, item, etc.

16. Advanced Toggle

Advanced Toggle – Create amazing pricing tables, icon boxes, and packages and decorate them nicely .

17. Vertical Mega Menu

Vertical Mega Menu – Display your Mega Menu vertically and customize the content easily.

18. Hotspot

Hotspot (PRO) – Utilize the widget and identify a specific part of your image with a tooltip and reveal an associated text after clicking.

19. Zoom

Zoom (PRO) – With this Zoom widget, you can set the meeting hosts, start time and date, time zone, duration, etc.

20. Behance Feed

Behance Feed (PRO) – Display your Behance Feed on your website using this widget. You can choose to fetch from 6 to 30 stories per request.

21. Breadcrumb

Breadcrumb (PRO) – Customize the breadcrumb of your website by setting the max title word length and showing/hiding the category trail.

22. Dribbble Feed

Dribbble Feed (PRO)
With this versatile widget, you can choose your favorite style of displaying the Dribbble feed.

23. Video Gallery

Video Gallery (PRO) – Add as many videos as you want to your website and design an attractive video gallery with this widget.

24. Facebook Review

Facebook Review (PRO) – It gives you the ultimate freedom to set the review layout and content styles.

25. Yelp

Yelp (PRO) – Yelp widget will help you show the user reviews straight from the Yelp website to yours.

26. Popup Modal

Popup Modal (PRO) – It lets you design amazing popups and help you place them wherever you want them on your website.

27. Google Map

Google Map (PRO) – You can show your business address to visitors with a Google Map effortlessly.

28. Unfold

Unfold (PRO) – Folding up certain sections (texts/images) is easy now.

29. # Image Swap (PRO)

Image Swap (PRO) – You can interactively swap or switch between different images displayed on a screen.

30. # WhatsApp (PRO)

WhatsApp (PRO) – Share WhatsApp details on your WordPress page and include a click-to-chat option.

31. # Advanced Slider (PRO)

Advanced Slider (PRO) – Mesmerizing sliders will assist you to boost engagement, conversion, and sales.

32. # Image Hover Effect (PRO)

Image Hover Effect (PRO) – Customize interesting hover effects in no time to make catchy images.

33. # Fancy Animated Text (PRO)

Fancy Animated Text – Create special and engaging animated texts.

34. # Price Menu (PRO)

Price Menu – Make an appealing price menu to start and plan a business.

35. # Stylish List (PRO)

Stylish List
Add a customized list and improve visitors’ engagement with your Elementor site.

36. # Team Carousel Slider (PRO)

Team Carousel Slider – Time to introduce your team members pleasingly on a slider.

37. # Image Morphing (PRO)

Image Morphing – Now, you can control the display of your WordPress images without any hassles.

38. # Flip Box (PRO)

Flip Box – This widget helps to add excellent before and after effects to your messages.

39. # Audio Player (PRO)

Audio Player – Make your music or audio files and present them on your website interestingly.

40. # Content Ticker (PRO)

Content Ticker – Showcase recent posts, latest and trending news, etc. stylishly.

41. # Coupon Code (PRO)

Coupon Code – The widget guides you to make a small and customizable pop-up to display special offers.

42. # Pinterest Feed (PRO)

Pinterest Feed – You can personalize a Pinterest feed based on people’s interests, search history, and engagement with pins with the widget.

43. # Protected content (PRO)

Protected content – Protect your valuable content with passwords or user roles.

44. # Interactive Links (PRO)

Interactive Links – Clickable and animated links boosts user interactions with your website.

PRO Modules in premium Addon version

Conditional Content Module (PRO)
The module guides you to show or hide a certain part of your webpage or content based on certain conditions.

Advanced Sticky Module (PRO)
With attractive sticky features, you can make your content versatile and engaging.

Advanced Parallax Module (PRO)
Using this excellent module, you can design the page and tell stories while users scroll a page.

Advanced Tooltip Module (PRO)
It guides you to arrange information, add any element or media and experiment different tooltips.

Facebook Messenger Module (PRO)

This pro widget is the easy and professional way for you to integrate the Facebook Messenger chat-head into any of your web pages.

Cross-Domain Copy Paste (PRO)

You can easily reuse any section, column, and widget of a website to another website, with this module.

Image Masking (PRO)
This premium module helps you to customize the image shapes and make them more appealing.

Particles (PRO)
To attract visitors’ attention, you can decorate the site’s background with particle effects.

Wrapper Link (PRO)
This feature allows you to add a link to any section, column, or widget in Elementor.

Glass Morphism (PRO)
To apply frosted glass effects on your website backgrounds, this module is a perfect choice.

Mouse Cursor (PRO)
You can convert the boring cursor to interesting ones with our latest module.

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