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Hospedagem WordPress com plugin Product XML Feed Manager for WooCommerce – Google Shopping, Social Sites, Skroutz & More

Onde hospedar o plugin Product XML Feed Manager for WooCommerce – Google Shopping, Social Sites, Skroutz & More?

Este plugin pode ser hospedado em qualquer hospedagem que tenha WordPress instalado. Recomendamos fortemente utilizar uma empresa de hospedagem seguro, com servidores adaptados para WordPress, como o serviço de hospedagem de sites da MCO2.

Hospedando o plugin Product XML Feed Manager for WooCommerce – Google Shopping, Social Sites, Skroutz & More em um provedor seguro

A MCO2, além de instalar o WordPress na versão mais atual para seus clientes, disponibiliza o WP SafePress, um mecanismo exclusivo que assegura e otimiza seu site simultaneamente.

Por que a Hospedagem WordPress funciona melhor na MCO2?

A Hospedagem WordPress funciona melhor pois a MCO2 possui servidores otimizados para WordPress. A instalação de WordPress é diferente de uma instalação trivial, pois habilita imediatamente recursos como otimização automática de imagens e fotos, proteção da página de login, bloqueio de atividades suspeitas diretamente no firewall, cache avançado e HTTPS ativado por padrão. São recursos que potencializam seu WordPress para a máxima segurança e o máximo desempenho.

“Very good!: Very helpful support! I recomand this plugin, simple to use and very good documented.” – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ price4you

Main Page | Support Forum | Documentation & How to

Selling on marketplaces like Google & Amazon requires you to have custom XML feeds where you can export your products from WooCommerce to the marketplace.

With our all-in-one toolkit designed to bridge the gap between your WooCommerce store and major marketplaces like Google Shopping, Amazon, and beyond, you can tailor and customize your product catalog in the exact language these global platforms understand: meticulously crafted XML feeds.

Here’s a glimpse of what this plugin offers:

  1. XML Feed Creation: Create your XML feed to showcase your entire product range to any vendor.

  2. Marketplace-specific Customization: Fine-tune your feeds to align with the unique specifications of each marketplace, whether it’s Google, Social sites, Amazon, or any other marketplace.

  3. Dynamic Product Selection: Include or exclude products based on categories, tags, and product.

  4. Scheduled Updates (Pro): Set your XML feeds to refresh automatically, keeping your listings as current as your inventory.

  5. Advanced Filtering Options (Partially Pro): Full customization with advanced filtering, allowing you to curate feeds that resonate with specific marketplace audiences.

Let’s explore in more details what you can do with this plugin.

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🚀 Main Features: FREE Version

🚀 Create Customized XML Feeds

Easily create XML feeds that fit what online stores like Amazon or Google Shopping need. This lets you show your products correctly on these platforms, helping customers find and buy your stuff with all details they need.
Include images, prices, sizes, inventory, and much more info from your products to the marketplace.

🚀 Edit XML Header, Body, and Footer

Full customization of the header, body, and footer sections, ensuring that your feeds adhere to the unique XML format and standards required by different online marketplaces.

🚀 Use Over 70 Shortcodes & Attributes

With more than 50 shortcodes, you can show lots of details about your products. These shortcodes let you add info automatically, making your product listings full and accurate.

Further more, you can utilize our global attributes and include them in your shortcodes, like text before or after them, finding & replacing values, and more.

This lets you tweak how product info looks, making it clearer or fitting what certain platforms require.

🚀 Change XML File Name & Location

You can rename your XML file and decide where to keep it. This helps with organizing your feeds, especially if you have many or need to find them easily for updates.

🚀 Update Feed Using Built-in Weekly Schedule or Manual Cron Job Command

Update your feeds without doing it yourself by setting a weekly schedule or using a Cron Job Command. This keeps your product info up-to-date, showing your current items and prices.

🚀 Filter Products for Your Feeds

Choose which products to show in your feeds by filtering them by category, tag, product itself, or even if they’re on sale. This lets you focus on showing the right products for different situations or sales.

“Extra Star: Super fast and friendly support by Omar. Transferred a request immediately into a feature. Perfect. Thank you very much!” – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ charismeki

“Perfect: Great little plugin – very simple to setup and works flawlessly.” – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ southmartin

🏆 Pro Version

Our Plugin Pro version features further expands the capabilities of our plugin so you can have more control on your feeds, like:

🏆 Create Unlimited Feeds

Make as many XML feeds as you need. This is perfect if you have lots of products or want to target different online stores, giving you the freedom to reach more customers.

🏆 Flexible Update Schedule

Choose how often to update your feeds, from every minute to once a week. This helps keep your product listings always up-to-date, whether you have fast-changing stock or regular updates.

🏆 Select Product Types

Decide which types of products to include in your feeds, such as simple, grouped, variable, or external. This lets you be more specific about what products you want to show on each marketplace.

🏆 Advanced Filtering Options

Use more detailed filters for your feeds, like whether products are in stock, their price range, custom categories, or specific attributes. This makes your feeds more targeted, only showing products that match exactly what you’re looking for.

💯 Why WPFactory?

  • Experience You Can Trust: Over a decade in the business
  • Wide Plugin Selection: Offering 65+ unique and powerful plugins
  • Highly-Rated Support: Backed by hundreds of 5-star reviews
  • Expert Team: Dedicated developers and technical support at your service

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“This Product XML Feeds for WooCommerce works really well. It takes up very little system resources, is extremly reliable and efficient, and is of high quality of coding. Support for this plug-in is very good. Omar is very responsive to support request, and has in-depth knowledge about the ins and outs of this plug-in. Highly recommanded.” – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Xing Gao

“Simple and efficient, and the support is great: This plugin provides all the functionality I need even in free version. Inserting product information in XML is super easy with well documented shortcodes. I had a problem with shortcodes inside tag and Support responded quickly and found a solution instantly.” – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Krzysztof Busłowicz

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